You are angry at him,
not because he left
but because he did not take you with him.
You are angry at him,
not because he broke your heart
but because you did not see it coming.
You are angry with him,
not because he used you
but because he made a fool out of you.

You are angry at him
because you cannot forget him
no matter how hard you try.
You are angry at him
for coming back when
you have been trying so hard to leave.
You are angry at him
for being the broken down house
that feels like home.

You are angry at him,
not just because
he always manages to pick the door
no matter how many times you’ve changed the lock,
but because you are more angry with yourself
for being too weak
to shut him out.

M.D.L, You Are Angry

(via mingdliu)

I’ll never forget the image of your cold dead body, laying on the floor and the way my mom kept holding you and telling you to wake up. But you never did.. I’ll never forget the sweet smile you would give me when I was dumb. You and I never got along but I love you and i wish I told you so much more than I did. Grandma .. Please wake up ! I need you and my mom is blaming herself and im dying on the inside cause I can’t take the pain. You were a beautiful flower. And you grew the most beautiful things in my heart I never thought I could have..